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Plants Production

Mr. Demetrio Saraceno studied, designed and developed two patented Plants  “Fully Mobile” for the salvage of the spent lead batteries components. The idea is that it is no more the battery to move, but the plant towards the battery, reducing the environmental impact to zero risk. 
This innovation was subject of conferences in the Piedmont Region, at the presence of all representatives of the environmental sector in the R.P. provinces and after various risk assessments and improvements in order to prevent ecological problems, the project was authorized in 2001, in compliance with the rules then in force (Ronchi Decree 22/97, articles 27,28).
New Energy Power S.r.l. has the ownership of the patent of the Plant designed and invented by Dr. Saraceno, recorded in Europe, India, China and Russian Federation.
New Energy Power S.r.l. will make available the know-how acquired over the years in the study, design and realization of these Plants. A team of engineers, technicians and specialists is available for the design and construction of new fixed or mobile systems, for companies involved in lead acid battery collection and recycling. 
New Energy Power S.r.l. is able to manage the project from the analysis and definition of technology to the construction and installation of the Plant. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. 

Plant Processes Scheme

Mobile Battery Breaker Compact

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