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Our Plant

New Energy Power S.r.l., a Saraceno Group company, is the owner of the patent of the spent lead batteries recycling Plant conceived and invented by Mr. Demetrio Saraceno, registered in Europe, India, China and Russian Federation.
The Plant, considered a First Generation Plant, was built in 2006, in cooperation with Engitec Technologies that helped in the construction of the Plant we patented.
Size and usability defects were found at this first Plant, which pushed us to consider it a fixed installation with a production of 3.5 Tons./ hour.
The experiences of the First Plant combined with the engineering growth of the company were an opportunity to make significant improvements in the realization of the Second Generation Plant, built in 2007.

According to the objective of the ‘movability’, this second type of Plant was designed and created on two semi-trailers built and adapted on the structural form of the Plant,  improving the compactness and the flexibility in handling, the operation area, the noise factor and, not least, bringing the production to 5 Tons./hour.

First Generation Mobile Plant in fixed installation


 Second Generation Mobile Plants
In 2008, we got to a Third Generation Plant, currently installed  in the New Energy Power site in Villanova d’Asti.
The engineering we made on this system is the result of constant practice tests and  consequential theoretical / engineering changes.
The Plant is more compact then before, all the parts subject to wear and maintenance have been reduced, increasing the hourly production to about 10 Tons./hour.
The Plant was designed by the end user directly to treat 1,600 Tons. spent batteries per month for an 8-hour shift, conceived as an instrument to transform the products extracted in raw materials.
The third generation Plant is not limited to extract the parts from the spent battery-box, but achieves a new concept: recovery and exploitation of the various battery components, launching the products obtained exclusively and directly to the lead, plastic and sulfuric acid regeneration systems.
The results obtained from the installation of the third generation Plant allow regeneration plants receiving the secondary raw materials from it, not to perform any type of pretreatment, but to re-use them directly in the production cycle of each type of waste.


WE CAN ASSERT TODAY, THAT WE GOT TO A SYSTEM HAVING A SUPERIOR QUALITY AND UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, studied for serving companies like ours, realized to treat ALL TYPES OF LEAD BATTERIES, maintaining constant cost management, production and product quality. This was possible because the Plant wasn’t created to be merchandised, but it was designed by an operator, with deep direct knowledge of spent lead batteries collection and topics connected to it. It was then designed exclusively to meet the needs and the requirements of the company for this process.      


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