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Lead acid battery 'closed loop-life cycle'

With 'closed loop-life cycle' of the lead acid battery we refer to the direct collection of the waste with our own means, to the putting into reserve, to the battery-box crushing pretreatment and to the storage and reuse of the products obtained (secondary raw materials) in a new production cycle.


Pastel / lead oxide

 Poles and grids / lead and polypropylene
The lead bullion obtained from the smelting processing is sent for transformation to the foundries which refine it and send it back in ingots, in analysis PB 99.97% uni 3165 and PB Sb 1.85%:

Usually, we stock lead ingots in our warehouse for about 700 Tons (ready for the delivery); the lead is then sold or given in account to new batteries manufacturers, receiving in this way new starter batteries with various amperage branded New Energy Power.

PP before and after the grinding

The plastics are sent for the regeneration to a Saraceno Group partner company, with a skilled staff, operating for years in the plastic recycling field, obtaining in this way a polypropilene in black granules which again is sent to the new lead batteries productive cycle and in other polypropylene stamping cycles. 

We created in our plant a warehouse for 10,000 pieces (new batteries) always ready for the delivery.  

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