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About us


New Energy Power S.r.l. is one of the few italian Companies which deals with the 'close loop-life cycle' of the lead acid battery: from the production/import, through the sale, untill its full recycle using the salvaged materials in the production of new batteries.  
The marketing of the batteries imported and put on the market by New Energy Power S.r.l. is in fact subject to the contribution of the spent batteries from the potential purchaser. This creates a closed loop such that the spend lead battery suppler purchase from New Energy Power S.r.l. new batteries that will be conferred again in form of spent batteries to the Saraceno Group.       

New Energy Power S.r.l. is part of the Saraceno Group, constituted from a network of companies operating in the waste management area. The Group was born in the '80s dealing with the recycling of ferrous metals and not only.
The emanation of the current rules in the environment area gave a remarkable impulse to the development of the Group companies in the direction of planning and realization of a productive reality not limited to the collection but also for the treatment of salvaged waste.  

The spent lead batteries collection activity was originally reserved to specific subjects,  charged by the ‘obligatory consortium for the batteries collection’ (Cobat), instituted by law in 1988.

In fact, the above-mentioned law institutionalized a state monopoly regarding the spent lead batteries collection and recycle. The system defined in this way obstructed the free circulation of the goods, with regard to the duty to give them to Cobat,  and the private economical initiative constitutionally guaranteed ex. art.41.

Mr. Demetrio Saraceno started the activity of a commercial organization alternative to  the monopolistic system imposed by Cobat, denouncing personally, and however in favour of all the  sector’s operators marginalized by the Cobat circuit, the monopolistic fact to the Guarantor Authority of the Concurrence and Market, at the European Community; the Italian State received a formal notice and  was obliged to modify the system imposed by Cobat.

Moreover, in accordance with the European Commission Recommendation of 21st May 2001, which invited the Italian State to overcome the restrictions regarding the export of the spent lead batteries to the other European Union states, the possibility to export spent lead batteries was introduced, in order to assign them to foreign  Regeneration Systems, in compliance with the EC Regulation. 

Saraceno S.r.l., among the other Group companies, exercises, with its own means and involved staff, the activity of collection and disposal of dangerous and not dangerous waste, among these the spent lead batteries, directly collecting from the producers a monthly quantity of 1,000 Tons and exporting them to the Member States, in accordance with EC Regulation 1013/2006 administrative procedures. 



U.I.C. - Unione Imprese Consorziate is a trade union association created to support and protect common interests belonging to the whole category of companies dealing with the collection, storage and recycling of batteries first, but also othe types of waste of every kind and nature.
 - Consorzio Batterie Europeo deals with the organization and management of an integrated system for the waste lead batteries collection, transport, storage and processing, aggregating operators at different levels: producers, collectors, recyclers in Italy and abroad. The Consortium performs technical studies and works in cooperation with leading research institutes for the development and innovation on processes and plants.




- Lead acid battery 'closed loop-life cycle'